Plants Can Hear Animals Using Their Flowers

Sounds amazing!

Plants and Beyond

~ And they react to the buzzing of pollinators by sweetening their nectar.


Friends, this incredible article, by EdYong left me in the state of awe and appreciation of the unseen.


« The latest experiments in this niche but increasingly vocal field come from Lilach Hadany and Yossi Yovel at Tel Aviv University. In one set, they showed that some plants can hear the sounds of animal pollinators and react by rapidly sweetening their nectar. In a second set, they found that other plants make high-pitched noises that lie beyond the scope of human hearing but can nonetheless be detected some distance away. »


Read more here – you will be mystified and elated that modern science can detect microscopic behavior changes of plants to the animal kingdom and promote communication.


Much love and peace to all of you. Make it a very green day.


Voir l’article original 18 mots de plus

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