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A Sunday announcement to our readers.

Aeryn and I want to say thank you.  You have bought more than 1,000 Rat Tales books and helped raise £1,500 for APOPO’s HeroRATs.

It’s been a bit of a journey. The first book was published in a small run in 2017. It only cost £2.99 because I did everything myself.


Well – maybe I had a little help from Leeloo.

My entire stock sold out, so I decided to take this a bit more seriously. I found the fabulous Tofu Soup, an artist and rat-person on Twitter, and she agreed to vastly improve the covers.


She is much better at arting than me. Priss, as you see, agreed and approved the new-look books.

Ratto (12).JPG

In-between Ship Rats and Pirats, Priss and Ripley agreed to work on a humour book with the handsome and educated Alloway. Priss revealed what was in the stars…

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