I feel better… And it is terrifying!

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I feel better. I have felt better since around the 18th of January and it is terrifying.

This is the longest stretch of feeling better that I have had since September.

Let me get this clear, feeling better does not mean I feel great, or even well. What I mean is, I have consistently been able to sit upright and potter around my house. I still only leave the house for medical appointments, and I need to have someone with me. I try, where possible, to space these trips out for fear of overdoing it.

I am still in almost constant pain, although some days I am experiencing brief periods of respite from that. I still take pregabalin regularly, but sometimes I don’t need to take the fourth, optional dose. I am no longer setting an alarm so that I can take the next dose of codeine.

Before September, I…

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2 réflexions sur « I feel better… And it is terrifying! »

  1. Your courage is encouraging. Many give up but those of us who kept at it, can find the peace we yearn for. Sometimes we are surprised that it isn’t as we pictured it but serenity is within our reach. I shall keep you in my thoughts. You can do it.

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