When Fashion and Nature Collide – Flowers January 2019.

The Arty Plantsman

This is my January 2019 contribution to our special project: When Fashion and Nature Collide

Happy New Year my friends 🙂

Normal blogging activity will hopefully resume soon, once I shake the winter doldrums. Meanwhile I have enjoyed looking at flower pictures from sunnier days when writing this post. Poor Dominique braved freezing conditions this past weekend to bring us her photographs. Go and have a well deserved hot chocolate my friend!

These flowers have provided the inspiration for Dominique‘s styling and Lisa’s art this month. Please go and visit their own blogs and see their posts. Collages used here were prepared by Dominique.

The Happy Trio.png

Gazania krebsiana

Fashion Inspiration by 3C Style, Flower photography by Darren, collages compiled by 3C Style & Lisa.  Onion/Eye by Lisa & Darren from a concept by 3C Style

This is one of the wild South African Gazania, from which the garden varieties have been…

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