Behind the cemetary

Behind the graveyard of my childhood’s village is a park with an abandoned castle that has always fascinated me.

Access is always closed. But there is a small wooden door in the bottom of the cemetery, which was exceptionally opened on this first november.


I took the opportunity to take a quick look and take 1 or 2 photos stealthily. Is not it magnificent?45240861_558359074604356_3036657597575856128_n












For those who wonder what I was doing at the cemetery, I was simply visiting my dad  😉


These Craft Pumpkin Decorations are Eye Candy

Here’s a treat for you. A little eye candy for Halloween. These stylish and creative craft pumpkin decorations are anything but spooky. Although, it’s scary how spook-tacular they are.
Note: I had some computer problems for the last few days, which prevented me from responding to your comments and publishing this post sooner. Everything is not settled yet, but I’m still smiling.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

Stunning Pumpkin DecorationsCollPumpkins1CollPumpkins2CollPumpkins5CollPumpkins7CollPumpkins8CollPumpkins4CollPumpkins10CollPumpkins9CollPumpkins3CollPumpkins6CandyCornPumpkin

Images from Good Housekeeping, Country Living, Gwen Moss, Honestly WTF, Alice and Lois, 3C Style, Hative and Tatertos and Jello
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Happy Halloween From Florida Garden Center

Plants and Beyond

~While picking up plants for the flower container gardening project, these colorful ceramic statues made an impression on me. I don’t think I ever have seen such cuteness, especially in the Plant Garden Nurseries or centers. 


IMG_5376 This boot is sooooo coool. Flowers can be planted inside for home decoration.

Happy Halloween to everyone.


The photographs belong to Luda

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