Behind the scenes with 3C Style!

The Arty Plantsman

Ever looked at a fashion blog and wondered what happens at a photo shoot? Imagining an entourage of assistants, make up artists etc?  I know I did, so I was fascinated to be involved in taking photos for my beloved friend, the gorgeous Dominique of 3C Style, during my recent visit to Montreal. You can see the end results of some of these shoots on Dominique’s recent ‘When Fashion and Nature Collide – October 2018

Essential supplies.

It appears that the only essential requirements, besides a model and photographer are:

Car full of clothes.

Diet Coke. This appears to be 3C Style’s primary source of sustenance and energy.

Chips/Crisps. Though not as essential as the coke, it appears that 3C Style is also addicted to salty snacks.

Spray bottle of water (see later).

Places to get changed. These vary from bathrooms to the…

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