Trip To Aquarium

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Spending time with a Friend and her lovely daughter was a real treat during one of these weekends. She introduced us to local Florida Aquarium and it was a great thing to visit on a scolding hot Summer day. Unbelievable what form of life is prevalent in deep waters. There are lots of creatures but will share the ones I never saw before.

I was so amazed at life that formed under water. As much as I marvel at the earthly nature, these water inhabitants were fascinating as well. Poor little fish was trapped inside the fish tanks and I thank them for dedicating their lives to human curiosity.

IMG_3665 Surprisingly very fast moving jellyfish


IMG_3670 Guess what that is? Haha. That is a baby jellyfish. Not waste 🙂 as I thought prior to being educated

IMG_3657 This octopus was changing colors from orange to blue. What a precious soul.

IMG_3653 Pink birds

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