Builder’s Bums 2 – the hairy ones..

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This may be my final post before heading over the ocean to Montreal next week. I will schedule some B&W photos to keep things ticking over whilst I am mainlining Maple syrup.

Meanwhile, here is a Friday geeky plant post:

A month ago I wrote a post about Lithops (Builder’s Bums in my wife’s parlance). This is kind of a sequel to that, though I realise this blog risks turning into the botanical equivalent of the Benny Hill show or a Carry On movie. At least I am not (yet) featuring Argyroderma testiculare or Clitoria ternata (there are clues in the names).

Whilst Lithops fascinate me, the closely related Conophytum are far more variable in size, shape, markings, hairiness and flower colour. Unlike Lithops they are winter-growers which makes their management a little trickier.

Very broadly they can be divided into two large groups of species:

  • the species that flower…

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