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MGM – Monday Garden Minute.🐞

This idea came to me in a dream – Monday feature- a one-minute segment about what is happening in the garden 🙂 🌱

Backyard, front porch, lanai, outside world, anything that is pertinent to plant growth is featured as a short segment on Mondays.🦎


While writing a post, this little tiny birdie visited her daily dinner flowers behind my office window. So very cute and I can’t believe that I was so fortunate to get at least a video of this God’s precious gift.

Sorry for the window net, but at least we can see the bird on her daily flight. After she drinks the flower’s nectar, she rests for a couple of seconds on the oleander tree’s branches. Always so thankful for her visits and presence.

Wanted to share this super short video with you guys. Nature and its children are so precious to me.


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