Virtual Purge

Bonnie Kelso - Author & Illustrator

IMG_3292The other working title of this post is « Why I left Facebook. » 

This is not written with the intention of starting a debate on the vices or virtues of Facebook. In fact, I am only beginning my virtual purge with Facebook, because it has historically preoccupied the most of my energy. Even when I’m not « on it » for long periods, it doesn’t seem to matter. Someone might say, « I’m sure you saw what I posted on Facebook, » and then I  would be reminded that I am a part of it even if I’m not actively engaging with it.

I had a student a few years ago who told me she wasn’t on Facebook and had no intention of creating an account. I remember how envious I was of her. I remember saying, « Wow, I wish I could go off it, but I need it for my business. » I think that’s…

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