Builders Bums

The Arty Plantsman

Yes, after all the highbrow quotes and things last week I thought maybe I should balance it out by lowering the tone a little. There is a geeky plant post here somewhere. Bear with me*

*not ‘bare’.  Well actually you can if you like, I’m easy.

According to Wiktionary:

bbThis raises several questions to an inquiring mind like mine:

  • Why only Britain and New Zealand (with a grudging mention of the US equivalent)? Do builders in other parts of the world have no bottoms? Better behaved trousers? Capital punishment for mooning? What?
  • Why is it just builders? Is having frictionless hips that don’t hold the trousers up some genetic trait unique to Homo sapiens var constructus ?
  • Do builders get special underwear to achieve this look, as well as high visibility jackets and hard hats?
  • Is it some kind of male dominance display one wonders? Kind of like baboons…

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