La tumeur pituitaire et ses symptômes chez le rat

What a Rat World

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Une tumeur pituitaire est une tumeur au cerveau qui se localise dans la glande pituitaire du rat. La glande pituitaire est une partie du corps du rat qui sert à la régulation des hormones.
Cela affecte non seulement les femelles mais aussi les mâles, mais elle est plus commune chez les femelles (entre 12 et 24 mois)
Pour le moment, ce type de tumeur chez nos rats domestiques reste inopérable bien que des chercheurs en laboratoire est mis au point une méthode de retrait de l’hypophyse. Le taux de survie de cette étude était de 79% pour des rats pesant entre 50 et 130 g et de 90% pour des rats pesant plus de 130 g. (1)
La tumeur pituitaire est souvent mal diagnostiquée à cause de ses symptômes communs avec une infection de l’oreille interne. Il faut garder en tête que le ou…

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Bladder Stone Surgery


**See update on how Little is doing at the bottom of this post**

A few weeks ago I took my cat in for a routine check up, where I discovered he needed oral surgery that would cost me upwards of $1k. Before booking the appointment I consulted Dr.Google to see if there were any other options for dental care with cats, and what I discovered as the bottom line was that the answer is no, but I also discovered options to make the payment less painful.

One of the options was to create a GoFundMe account, something I had seen numerous times for a myriad of procedures. I tucked this information into the back of my mind, because I planned to pay the $1k out of pocket and call it a day.

Then something else happened. 


I’m currently in Arizona, thousands of miles from home, and I received a call…

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Polymath Lomonosov Cake


Frosted with courage, encrusted with sparkles of genius – for a very special number, 2000+ followers of this blog, I present to you a very special, very scientific cake named after Mikhail Lomonosov, a true Renaissance man of 18th century Russia. Before you meet him, though, I want to thank all of you, my amazing 2000 followers, my dear blogofriends and great supporters – without you, this wouldn’t have been possible, and my gratitude is boundless! I also want to acknowledge lovely Seema of, a talented artist and poet who was my 2000th follower. And now, meet The Father of Russian Science – Mikhail Lomonosov.

Image from

You see this nineteen-year old kid from a little fishing village on the White Sea coast making his way on foot through the frost of Russian winter, walking for three months to cover 600 miles (almost 1,000 kilometers) from his native Kholmogor to…

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Elder (Sambucus Canadensis): Sacred Medicine, Magic, Mythology, and Uses of the Elder Tree

The Druid's Garden

Dana gathers elder as the sun rises on the summer solstice! Dana gathers elder as the sun rises on the summer solstice!

I remember when I first found the massive elderberry patch. It was a few summer solstices ago. There is an overlook deep in the state forest lands, where the roads are more goat path than vehicle worthy, and it takes about 45 minutes to go only a few miles. The overlook is facing east and you can see across multiple counties, for countless miles. Visiting the overlook earlier in the summer, I had said to my mother how much I’d love to witness the summer solstice sunrise from that spot. And so, at 4:30 am on the morning of the solstice we got up and were dismayed to find that it was overcast and drizzling. With hope in our hearts that it would clear, we made our way up the winding path, avoiding potholes and huge rocks, and eventually…

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Druid Tree Workings: Nywfre, Telluric Energy, and Sap Flows

The Druid's Garden

Last week, I wrote about the many flows of the month of February: the flowing of the springs from the hillside, the flowing of the river, the flowing of deep emotions, and the flowing of the sap from the trees. Today, I wanted to delve more deeply into the nature of the flow of the trees, as part of my « Druid tree workings » series, a series that focuses on deep magical and spiritual work you can do directly with trees in your ecosystem. Earlier posts in this series include: finding the face of the tree, druid tree workings on the outer planes, druid tree workings on the inner planes, helping tree spirits pass,winter tree blessings,a seasonal approach and the breath of the earth,establishing deep tree workings and working with trees in urban settings. The whole goal of this series is to develop…

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Majora’s Mask Moon Cake


If you’ve been hanging around this blog for any length of time, you’ll know I’m an insane Zelda fan. I have been ever since I could hold a controller. I love pretty much every game in the franchise, but the Nintendo 64 games hold a special place in my heart. As a kid our parents could never afford the latest consoles or games, so a lot of my childhood gaming took place in stints at the houses of friends or cousins. But when the Nintendo 64 came out my dad managed to pull together enough to get one. I still remember seeing the commercials for Ocarina of Time and just hoping, only to be greeted with the most amazing surprise one day after school. The same was true by the time Majora’s Mask came out, but by then I’d gotten the entire family hooked on Zelda with our frequent group play-throughs…

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Jupiter Structural Layer Cake


When I posted the Earth cake, I did not expect it to get anywhere near the amount of attention it received. Getting featured on the Facebook pages Think Geek and I Fucking Love Science was a total highlight of my blogging life. I’m big fans of both pages so it was kind of surreal. A lot of my Zoology graduate mates are also fans of IFLS and you’d often hear conversations in the Masters office beginning with, « Did you see that post by IFLS today? » So I woke up to several of them messaging me about it and we all got super excited over it.

With the exposure those pages brought came a whole lot of people who wanted to know how to make it. I still get a couple of emails a week asking for a recipe. The cake was a total experiment on my part, and not…

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Award Party with Cats and Coconut Cake


You can’t stuff all your cheese into one varenik, claimed my grandmother. Yet I am going to attempt to do just that: focus on several causes for celebration in one post, thus stuffing all of them into one huge perogi (that’s what a varenik is, Beautiful People). Today’s prompt is FOCUSED (, and I am totally focused on the first and most important issue, September the Cat Month. I hope you didn’t think I would not celebrate it, did you?

In memory of all our cats, dogs, and other animals, at home and in the wild, those whose company and friendship we enjoy today, and those who are waiting for us on the Rainbow Bridge, please come to the party bearing gifts: it could be a poem, a story, a photograph, a picture, a quote, and, of course, a recipe FOCUSED ON ANIMALS. You can leave…

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An Experience, not another boring lecture…

Bonnie Kelso

Tomorrow is my first Facebook Live Event and it is going to be epic!

Epic… really, Bonnie?


NOT because millions of people are expected to participate.

NOT because I am that ego-centric and important and just love to listen to the sound of my voice and be the star of my own world.

… and NOT because it’s just another boring lecture.

It is going to be EPIC, for me on a very personal level. It will be a significant moment of growth where I will step out of my comfort zone and allow myself to be vulnerable. It will be me, talking heart to heart with other people about how I manage a limitation that has always been a part of my life. It’s a personal limitation that in the past has only ever been visible to the people closest to me. Tomorrow, I am…

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