The Psychology of Nicknames in the Workplace: The Power of Pootie Poot and Houdini


Do you ever get tired of calling people by their proper names? Have you worked with someone for over 5 years and you barely remember what their real, passport name is?   Maybe you have never known it. Nicknames in the workplace are all the rage these days. Former President George W. Bush was extremely fond of nicknames, perhaps because he himself had to find a way to differentiate himself from all the other George Bush’s in his family.  If you ever watched him give a press conference, you would have noticed that every time he called on a journalist, he would refer to them by some odd, and at times extremely kooky name.   The rumor is that he got his nickname-calling habit at Yale University when he was part of the Skull and Bones society. While in Skull and Bones he was supposedly given the nickname “Temporary”. Makes you wonder how his political opponents…

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