Childhood. Lyme Journey!


Part one:

I was your regular child. Perhaps even “not so regular” since I had everything a girl could dream of.

My friends always envied me, and most of the time it irked me terribly. Like, do people really believe that my life is a bed of roses? Yet at that point, I really did have everything, and I was one lucky little girl.

My parents were well to do, and I was the only child at the time, and they were ready to give me the world if I’d let them into mine…

I did.

I was doted on nearly the entire day, being that I was my parents’ entire world. They loved me with boundless love that only parents could feel for there child.

The thing was that I was an extremely charismatic child. I won everyone’s heart by flashing one of my sunny smiles. Everyone loved me…

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