Fifty Friday Facts For Fifty Followers

Amazing 🙂

The Arty Plantsman

Actually, I wrote this a few weeks ago when I first hit 50 followers so it is getting rapidly out of date (now past 70 followers 🙂 ). When my friend Kylee hit 50 followers she made a list of 50 facts about herself. With her kind permission I have borrowed the idea. I am a little worried it leaves me nothing to say in future!

In the intervening time I have removed some things I decided I was not comfortable sharing, and added some new stuff. It should give you a good idea of what I am like and I have tried to infuse it with my warped sense of humour…

  1. I am a lifelong vegetarian.
  2. I didn’t go to my own 18th birthday party.
  3. Bullying of any kind makes my blood boil. I detest bullies. Ignorance and upbringing is not an excuse.
  4. I work as an analytical…

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