Catification – Ikea Hack Cat Tree

The Purrfect Job

When people think about catification, they often think of intricate complex designs, but sometimes the most simple design is just as efficient. After all, cats tend to play with the cardboard boxes that comes with the expensive cat tree, right? hahaha

Say hi to the lucky cats who are the user of today’s catification project…


Rory: WHAT!

And Desp…

Desp: What are you looking at?

Here you can see the ‘cat tree’ in action…

Desp: whatever…   Rory: Hooman, I am watching you….

This is another shelf with the same set up in the house…

I know you might want to do the same thing, so yours truly have already helped you to organise a shopping list, click on the image will bring you to the product page at Ikea website.

1. IVAR 1 section/shelves Pine – €76


2. LUDDE Sheepskin White – €35


3. SIGNE Rug flatwoven –…

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