100th post! Thank you!

The Purrfect Job

This morning, I was about to write another cat tip post when I noticed I have written 99 posts for this blog. Then it occurred to me, I need to make the 100th post a bit special! So I decided to do a little of a summary of the top 10 most popular posts of this blog! (I still can’t believe I have written 100 posts about cats!)

So here is the top 10 most popular posts:

10: Puddy – the cat who travelled 6 weeks to go home


9: Pros and cons of being a cat sitter


8: Catification – outdoor cat stairs, Tallinn


7: Baby items that are great for cat use!

6: Cat tips: how to give cat malt paste


5: Ikea products that make great cat items

4: Cats vs Baby – No, you don’t need to get rid of the cat


3: How to introduce new cat to your home?

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