Hotton caves

We live in Hotton since 1.5 years and it was the first time we’ve visited its caves.


We had a lovely visit with a 19 years old lady as guid, I was so impressioned because she perfectly spoke French, English and Dutch. She totally maitrised her subject for the visit.

Hotton caves are less impressioning than Han caves but it have their particularities too 😉




They are an exceptional natural heritage of Wallonia, and they are the only ones to be classified in their entirety ( two stars in the Michelin guide ).



How were the Caves of Hotton formed?

  • The rainwater infiltrated on the limestone plateau from the banks of the Ourthe up to the height of the village of Verdenne near Marche-en-Famenne merge into a single permanent subterranean river which reappears in the open air in the course of The Ourthe downstream from the village of Hampteau.
  • It is the water circulation that has dug the network of the cave of Hotton where six kilometers of galleries are currently known to a depth of 70 meters between the plateau and the Ourthe.


  • The action of digging the water was mainly carried out by a slow chemical dissolution of the limestone rock (corrosion), and a little by the mechanical wear of the water containing some sand harder than the limestone The latter by friction (erosion). It is therefore the water that has shaped the galleries, giving them sometimes a smooth and regular appearance, sometimes extraordinary and captivating shapes shredded, cut and cut.










The Upper Floors:

Abandoned for tens of thousands of years by the waters, they have progressively garnished a profusion of concretions of all types and colors very varied. Some very old collapses have created large voids. With a height of up to 35 meters, and almost 10 meters wide for 200 meters, the large gallery of the Speleo Club of Belgium is the largest known gallery in Belgium.


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