July in the Woods

rambling ratz

woods-1If I had to describe the British woods in July with one word, it would be « green ». Everything is just so … green.

All of the ferns have unfurled, giving the woodland floor as green and leafy a look as the canopy above. Ferns are some of the earliest and most primitive plants. They reproduce by spores rather than seeds. Fern fossils have been found that date back 360 million years when trilobites filled the oceans. There is childlike joy in the tactility of fondling fern fronds as you walk through them.

Well, okay it isn’t just green. There are lots of woodland flowers in bloom at the moment. These are really testing my amateur flower ID skills, so please do let me know if I have got them wrong!

Photo of St John's WortFirst up, St John’s Wort, Hypericum perforatum. This cheery yellow flower is associated today with the treatment of mild…

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