Wild Food Profile: Black Raspberries + Fruit Leather Recipe

The Druid's Garden

Black raspberries (Rubus occidentalis) are one of my very favorite foods. This year we have a bumper crop–everywhere I go, the black raspberries seem to be growing! I have been harvesting at several spots, including in my own yard. Black raspberries have a very unique flavor–slightly sweet, with a hint of floral undertones, and tart, rich.  So delicious. They grow on canes that get up  to three feet tall (taller if they grow up trees) with tons of thorns.  The stems of the canes are typically either a dark purple (indicating an older vine) or light green. Both kinds of stems have a white powdery layer (which allows you to clearly distinguish them from black berries or other red raspberries.

Closeup of Black Raspberry Closeup of Black Raspberry

Black raspberries come into season in July in most of the Midwest, Great Lakes, and Mid-Atlantic states.  This year, we are a little later…

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