Why Rats?!

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Rats are a hard sell. I won’t deny it. They are animals that carry stigma even when they don’t carry disease. It’s an odd choice of subject for an author caught somewhere in the last vertebrae of the long tail of publishing.

Many people think rats are dirty, dangerous and dastardly.  I refer to my three girls, adopted from the RSPCA in 2016, as ‘my pets’ to avoid a predictable wincing response from whoever I am chatting with.

I know of people who feel physically ill when confronted with a member of rattus norvegicus (in Europe) or squeal at rattus rattus (in the US and China).

And yet they make great little heroes for an adventure story.

IMG_3460(Leeloo the terrifying beast)

Why? Because they:

  • Are as smart as a dog
  • Are small enough to wriggle into most gaps
  • Have a bite harder than a wild wolf (measured by Kg /cm²)
  • Are super-sniffers…

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