Eating, lots of eating

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Hi guys

All quiet since we woke up. I’ve been out at night and Chloe during the day.
She’s been making a lot of mess! There is evidence of where she’s been all over the garden and
around her makeshift house. I know it’s only a stack of bricks, but I’d hope she’d at least try to keep
it clean. My house is fine and clean because that’s the way I like it.

Chloe has continued to eat everything in sight and has gained nearly 200grams in weight. I’m
taking it a little easier but have managed to put on about 120grams. That’s mainly because I’ve not
eaten as much as Chloe. I’m a very fussy so stick with sunflower hearts although Nick has
put some mealworms in my house as well. I’m not fussed on them but will give them a go.

You’ll notice that Nick has cut the…

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