Bugged by Beetles

rambling ratz

Being short of leg and low to the ground sometimes has advantages. It was whilst truffling through the un-mown grass and buttercups that I happened upon this beautiful beetle.photo of flower beetle

Thanks to @RyanClarkNature it was identified as a male thick legged flower beetle, or to give him his more impressive title Oedemera nobilis. They feed on pollen and only the male has these fantastic thighs.

Slightly higher up in the garden canopy was this green shield bug, Palomena prasina. They are sometimes referred to as stink bugs as they make a nasty niff if they are bothered. It eats sap and leaves.  They are not to be confused with the Green Shield Stamps that elderly relatives collected when shopping at the Co-op, which was an early loyalty scheme.photo of green shield bug

What, you are wondering, is the difference between a bug and a beetle? It seems that our American friends call all crawly…

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