A Well Punctuated Butterfly

rambling ratz

The UK is currently sweltering in a « heatwave », we really are not used to hot sunny summers. Whilst this might not be nice weather for ducks, it is the sort of weather enjoyed by butterflies.Photo of comma butterfly

The unkempt gardens of Ratz Manor are host to a variety of butterflies; white, blue, speckled and spotted. Sadly most of these flit around in the high branches of the trees, instead of conveniently sunning themselves within photographic reach of a stumpy legged photographer. Not so the comma butterfly.

The comma is so named due to the white comma shape visible when the wings are raised. It also has a very distinctive ragged shape to the wings, unique among British butterflies. This helps to camouflage it, allowing it to resemble a crumpled leaf when the wings are raised. The caterpillars of the comma also employ a stealth mechanism by resembling a bird dropping.Photo of comma butterfly

Their favourite…

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