Happy Easter 2015

rambling ratz

Photo of bee on mahoniaI wish my readers a very happy Easter time; fùhuójié kuàilè, Vroliik Pasen, Joyeuses Paques, Frohe Ostern, śubh īsṭar, fukkatsu-sai omedetō gozaimasu, Xristos voskres, Glad Pask, Geseënde Paasfees and Pasg Hapus.

What is it with the eggs though? For Christians the egg symbolises the tomb, as with chicks hatching, life emerges from the tomb. The practice of decorating and giving eggs predates Christianity, the Zoroastrians would decorate and gift eggs for their spring festival of Nowruz (the first day of spring in the Persian calendar). What better way to  represent spring than new life emerging from a seemingly lifeless object such as an egg?Photo of chocolate in primroses

As for the Easter Bunny, he was most likely an Easter hare originally and his story will have to wait until next Easter.

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