The New Falling Sands Nature Area

The Wilden Marsh Blog

It’s another day on the marsh, and I’m about to cross the small concrete bridge over Hoo Book, from Hoo Brook Pasture, on my way to the new nature area along the River Stour, immediately north of Wilden Marsh. If the resident troll tries any of his nonsense this morning, barring my way and threatening to eat me, my size 12 wellie will help him on his way downstream whether he wants to go in the direction or not.

The new nature area, owned by Wyre Forest Council, is recovering from churning caused by heavy machinery used during construction of the new Hoobrook bypass bridge. Thankfully the troll didn’t show itself today.

This is a fantastic way of regenerating this hidden and forgotten parcel of land tucked in between the River Stour, Wilden Marsh, Hoobrook Trading Estate and the Severn Valley Stream Railway Viaduct. This piece of land is part of a wildlife corridor winding its way…

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