Your Friday Art Cat Dreams


Your Friday Art Cat had a dream where she was hired to be a substitute teacher for middle school math. She ran around the dream school, which more closely resembled a hotel, looking for the classroom. After bustling along maze-like corridors, and riding in elevators that moved horizontally, the Art Cat arrived in the classroom but couldn’t decipher the notes that the teacher left for her to follow. She didn’t know what time class was supposed to start, or how to teach Algebra. Students filtered in, finding only a to-do list on the board. The Art Cat had vanished.Lost Cat

There was a comprehensive search for the substitute teacher Art Cat that included an umbrella and a fortune teller. She was found by unwitting neighbors who, for the first time in three days, opened their garage door. The Art Cat darted out, dehydrated and tired, but otherwise just fine, and disappeared…

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