Bumblebees Bimble around the Flowering Currant

rambling ratz

Now that spring is here, complete with gales and hail, the garden is really starting to come alive. As the plants become more colourful with blooms and blossoms, so the air becomes filled with the busy buzzing of bees.Photo of budding leaves

The star attraction for the bumblebees at the moment is the flowering currant, Ribes sanguineum. It was one of the first shrubs to tentatively sprout leafy buds at the beginning of February before bursting forth with blossoms in March.photo of flowering currant

The leaves have a pungent or resinous odour when rubbed, although Rambling’s Grandma’ calls the plant « flowering tom cats » so you can guess what she thinks it smells of! It seems to be another one of those flowers that it is considered unlucky to bring indoors, though I cannot find out why. It is a native of the West coast of North America and was brought to the UK in the…

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