Baby items that are great for cat use!

The Purrfect Job

Since becoming a human parent, I discovered not only baby and cat can cohabit very happily, but a lot of baby items are actually super handy for cat use too!

Over the years, I have been sharing these tips with my customers. As a result, you will find a lot of these baby items at the home of a lot of my customers who don’t even have children!

1. Baby wipes

Baby wipes are great to clean up mess. E.g. dry up vomit, debris from the litter trays, or even some dry up bits on the cat’s eyes and nose. It’s preferably to pick something that are fragrance-free. We enjoy the Water Wipes at Maow Care. Not only these made with 99.9% water, there is just something about the texture of the wipe itself that make it so much easier to pick up bits. Trust me, I have…

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