How to introduce new cat to your home?

The Purrfect Job

I must have answered this question a million times, so I decide to put everything down in writing once and for all.

A lot of first time cat parent imagine this – they adopt a cat from the shelter, they took the cat home, the cat will be overjoyed to have a new family. They will run straight into the home, jump around exploring, run back into their arms, give them a big hug, purring because they are grateful to be given a new home. And they live happily ever after…

Basically, Hollywood style happy ending.

It could potentially be the case with a dog, but I can guarantee you in 99% of the cats, it wouldn’t be the case.

It will be more like this…


Yes, – you open the cat carrier, they might smell around for a few second, dash to seek cover, and end up behind the sofa.


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