Guest Star: Derick – The talker


Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Maryanne and her beautiful cat Derick!


Back in 1996 a friend’s cat had kittens. I was thrilled to get one because I always loved the sweet Mama cat. The one I wanted originally was a white and orange one. My friend said, « You can’t have that one, my niece wants that one. » So I said, « Then I’ll take the gray one. » She said, « That’s a good choice, he does funny things. » Well, at age 18 he’s still doing funny things.

While cats are known to be stand-offish, Derick loves people. When we have company, he works the room, going around from person to person so everyone gets to pet him — whether they are cat lovers or not, Derick gives them no choice, especially with the ladies. When Derick goes to the vet, he always comes home smelling like a perfume factory because all the…

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