Welcome to 2017 with Our 100th Post!



We have been celebrating New Year’s Eve by writing our 100th blog post! Yup, 100! You read it right! We have posted a blog post almost every week for 2 years!

We want to thank all our new and old readers from all over the world for reading our blog!

This map shows all the countries we have had views from in 2016:


And these are some statistics from 2016:

stats1bcimg_0768Hey, Lola, don’t you think this is amazing?

Yeah, I do think it’s amazing!


Cats can tell the difference between the motion of a living thing such as a mouse or a TV image of a wildebeest and the motion of an inanimate object such as a blown leaf or a rolled ball. In one experiment, cats were shown moving images on two computer screens. One image contained 14 dots that represented…

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