Brown rat

Appleton Wildlife Diary by Alex White

The Brown rat – Rattus norvegicus, also known as the common rat, the street rat or the sewer rat is not everyones favourite mammal but you have to admire them.

If you Google ‘Brown rat’ it comes up with loads of companies that promise to get rid of them or newspaper headlines such as ‘A nest of giant cannibal rats was found in London’ or ‘Britain set for super rat plague as millions of 2ft long rodents immune to poison blossom’.

Brown rats are opportunists and we certainly give them lots of opportunity. They are omnivores, scavengers, they will eat anything,  but their main diet is cereal.

In the wild they rarely live more than a year to 18 months. They can have 5 litters in a year with each litter averaging between 6 to 11 babies. Many young rats are killed by owls, foxes, stoats or cats.

I live…

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