Gizmos’ Curfew Rebellion…

kitty up the curtain

It has been a month since Gizmo, my 8 month old tabby kitten, went outside for the first time and discovered what the outside world is all about! In the past month, he has gone from a nervous, timid kitten, scared of EVERYTHING to now being a confident little tiger, terrorising not only my (ferocious) pet ducks, but also harassing my next door neighbour on a very regular basis.

During the first few days that he met the outside world, it was reassuring (and pretty impressive!) that when I called his name, or whistled, Gizmo would immediately come running back to the house. How cute is that!! Upon his return, I would make a big fuss of him for coming at my ‘request’, before he would enthusiastically run out of the house at speed and continue his adventures in the garden, getting up to all sorts of mischief I imagine…

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