Cat Naps…Gizmo style!?

kitty up the curtain

As any cat owner will know, cats sleep a LOT, in a variety of unusual (often awkward looking) positions?!! Most kitties sleep approximately 16 hours a day, and like many humans, this makes me a little envious!?

IMG_20160925_181708.jpg Gizmo likes sleeping in boxes!

There is an unwritten rule that ALL cat owners know; if a cat falls asleep on you, you MUST not move, for fear of waking them up. I’m sure I am not alone when I say that on a regular basis, I find myself with ‘feline paralysis’; pinned to the sofa whilst Gizmo stretches out on me, purring his pretty little head off.

12719121_10153411529107423_5587214786383456360_o Gizmo will sleep ANYWHERE?!

Only on VERY rare occasion will I actually move Gizmo off me, usually because my bladder starts seriously complaining, but I can assure you that after getting the ‘how dare you disturb me when I was catching up on vital snooze time’ look…

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