Are You Keeping Your Cat In The Manner They have Become Accustomed To?


Let’s face it, cats were once worshipped as gods, and they have never forgotten that fact. That is why they need to be pampered, stroked, treated and generally spoilt. But are you allowing your cat to live a life of luxury that they deserves? Read on to find out.

Do they have their own hideaway?

While many of our feline friends are happy to spend time in the company of their humans for belly rubs and associated snuggling also seen on Tummy Rub Tuesday. It is also a good idea to allow them to have a spot or two in the house where they get to indulge in some alone time.

cat-649164_1280There are several options for this including cat shelves and cat trees. Cat shelves are perhaps the most complicated and expensive option. These are shelves which are attached to your walls, that act as steps and places for your cats…

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