#CharityChristmas5 No.1

rambling ratz

The thing about insomnia is that while you are lying there, failing to repair mind and body with restorative sleep, the brain comes up with silly ideas. This is one of many that my brain has come up with, but as it can be labelled « mostly harmless » I shall commit it to the World Wide Web.Photo of festive twigs

I thought of the Twitter hashtag #CharityChristmas5 whereby 5 times during December people could donate five pounds/dollars/euros etc to a charity. By 25th December, Christmas Day, 25 bits of currency would have been donated to 5 different charities by each individual. I thought perhaps people could choose smaller unsung charities. The people who run these don’t get executive levels of pay, they often do it to their own financial cost. They also don’t have armies of volunteers cold calling or chugging for them. I know that in these difficult times even this is a…

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Hereford City Christmas Lights

rambling ratz

1st December marks the beginning of metereological winter (astronomical winter doesn’t start until  21st December). It is also the date on which we can begin to attack our Advent calendars as we count down to Christmas. Hereford City has its tree up and lit.Photo of Christmas tree in Hereford

There are also snazzy decorations strung across the streets.

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