The Healing Waters of Renewal – An Imbolc Personal and Land Healing Ritual

The Druid's Garden

Imbolc Sacred Circle Imbolc Sacred Circle – land that was healed!

I’ve written on this blog before about land healing, specifically in relation to healing the land here at my property that we purchased 2 and a half years ago.  Yesterday, my grove celebrated Imbolc, and as part of that we did a personal and land healing ritual (details of that ritual at the end of this post). Because of that,  I wanted to spend some time reflecting more on this idea of healing, what druidry has to offer, and how the inner and outer worlds can be integrated for healing and renewal.

A Balance of Inner and Outer Work

When most druids or other spiritual/pagan-leaning people think about healing, I think our minds immediately go to to the ritual/magical aspects of healing work.  That is, we do rituals, raise positive energy, and do other things that connect with the spirit realm and…

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