Late November

rambling ratz

This part of the UK has been blanketed by thick grey cloud for most of the latter part of November. Therefore, it was pleasing to see some relatively interesting clouds a few mornings ago.Photo of dawn clouds

When the sun did anxiously peep out from under its blanket it made the few remaining birch leaves twinkle like gold.Photo of autumn birch leaves

The conifer seeds are providing a feast for a variety of small birds such as tits – too shy to be photographed!Photo of conifer seeds

The lawn fungi are still going strong, looking like squelchy accordians.

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Hedgehog Houses

rambling ratz

Further to my post about making a hedgehog feeding station, this one is about providing a cosy shelter for your resident hog to sleep off all the food you have just filled it with. Photo of hedgehog in feeding station

Hedgehogs generally make very simple nests, but require something more substantial for their winter hibernation. They will often cosy up under garden decking or wood piles. I bought some hedgehog igloos from Aldi for £8, much cheaper than the usual price.Photo of hedgehog house

They consist of a metal frame with twiggy stuff woven around it. This is not the most sturdy or weatherproof design. However, my more knowledgeable friends on Twitter gave me some advice for improving them.

A waterproof mat is placed underneath to provide some insulation from the cold damp ground. The igloo can be secured into place by tent pegs, or by covering with waterproof material such as tarp and placing soil or stones…

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