Autumnal Seed Heads

rambling ratz

As the garden dies back towards winter dormancy, the seed heads make for attractively melancholic scenes. The skeletal remains of the flame tree frame a wintry sky.Photo of flame tree in autumn

The golden rod looks more like silver rod.Photo of golden rod gone to seed

Bladder campion husks contrast starkly against the autumn colours of their background.Photo of bladder campion seed heads

Michaelmas daisies add some soft fluff to their autumn backdrop.Photo of Michaelmas daisy seed head

They glow spookily in the darkness.Photo of Michaelmas daisy seed heads at night

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Frosty Night

rambling ratz

While other parts of the UK have been enjoying scenic wintry weather, Hereford has just been chilly and grey. Tonight we seem to be about to have our first proper frost of the season, with temperatures set to dip to minus three Celsius by the morning. The starry night augurs a chilly one.Photo of starry night

The frost is starting to form on the fallen autumn leaves. The wildlife will need extra food and the ice broken off their drinking water.Photo of frosted leaf

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Wasp Nests

rambling ratz

I recently undertook an expedition to the far reaches of the loft. Amongst the wondrous things to be seen up there are a couple of wasp nests in various stages. A wasp nest starts life in spring when the queen finds a suitable spot and creates a stalk (called a petiole) with a single hexagonal cell hanging from it. She will then build more cells around that and lay eggs in them.Photo of early stage of wasp nest

These will then develop into worker wasps who continue to build the nest, while the queen dedicates herself to laying more eggs in it. The nest itself is made from strips of wood that the wasps tear off from your fence panels or garden furniture, mixed with saliva and wax. It truly is a thing of great beauty. Photo of wasp nest in loft

Wasps regulate the temperature of the nest with water and by fanning it with their wings. The queen will now…

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On Being Your Authentic Self, Part II: The Path of the Sun

The Druid's Garden

In last week’s post, I explored the importance of finding ways of living and being your authentic self.  I suggested that there were at least three pathways to doing this work: the Path of the Moon, which is the quiet path of living one’s principles and showing the what while not necessarily discussing the spiritual path or why.  This is a good path for those who feel restricted in sharing their spiritual path fully in various contexts of their lives; there are ways of still living one’s path while being very implicit about your inner spiritual life.

The path of the sun! The path of the sun!

Today, I’ll explore the second path, shining path of the sun.  The sun path refers to us being more being more out and open, more explicit, about the fact that you are a druid—radiating this truth in the world like the sun on a warm summer…

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