November Berries

rambling ratz

Most of the berries around at this time of year are red. However, the ivy berries are green, turning purple. Poisonous to humans, they provide a great meal for a variety of birds including black birds and wood pigeons. Apparently they contain, gram for gram, as many calories as a Mars bar.Photo of ivy berries

Onto the red berries, most of which also provide winter nutrients for birds. The cotoneaster is putting on a colourful display with red leaves as well as red berries.

I think this might be a different sort of cotoneaster, the red berries are more obvious against the green leaves.Photo of red berries

A popular favourite around this time of year, the holly.Photo of holly berries

The birds have almost stripped the firethorn bush of its berries already.Photo of firethorn berries

For the bigger birds there are of course the rose hips.

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