Your Friday Art Cat Misses the Mark


Automated litter boxes are a thing. I don’t know from experience, but I’m pretty sure that if I had a device that smelled like a perfectly acceptable cat bathroom, but, at times, made whirring and shuffling sounds, that the Art Cat would run away in fear, possibly never to use said device for its intended purpose. However, I know people who use a mechanical litter sorting machine, and say it works just fine. Litter RobotsI bring this up because your Friday Art Cat is having some issues. She raises her behind to urinate just over the edge of the box, and there has been some inappropriate marking on a mat in the human bathroom.

« You should have a covered box, » you say. Nope. No good. The enclosed structure encourages litter box stalking ,and subsequent peeing outside of the box because we’re too afraid to go in for fear of attack.

« You should have one…

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