Guest Star: J is for Jake…..


Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Jake and his mother human companion:

J is for Jake…


This is Jake.

Cue the scene where I look at the ‘Kitten’ my brother had and murmured the immortal words “You’ll soon have to get her to the Vet.”  Then several weeks later I got the phone call she’s had kittens.

After moving in with my now Ex I lost my cat Charlie and was looking around for a kitten.  So after visiting my brother I decided that I wanted the black and white kitten and the tabby and white kitten of the four.   There was just the matter of getting my Ex to agree.   My brother was going to keep the fat little grey kitten and then news came that the Black and White one was going to another home.  Leaving me with Jake a brown tabby and his brother who was tabby and…

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