‘You can’t hurry love’


Sorrrrrry I haven’t been writing for a bit… But I’ve been soooooo very busy, you would not believe it! Since being introduced to Freedom Square, HuMum and HuDad seemed to have gone a bit crazy-on-catnip, as my world grew beyond the walls of the den.

Picture For the past couple of weeks, Poppy’s Fur-less species were on holiday. Selfish? Yes. And to add insult to injury, I saw her being taken away in a prison box. (I spent some time in there once…(although that’s a tail, for another time))! I heard she’d gone far, far away; where Bong Trees grow.
Ay me, sad hours seem long, and I was moping around, until I realised this was actually a gift; an amazing opportunity. Time was on my side. My plan? I was going to pump some iron and then watch Poppy fall head-over-paws in love with me.
Not only did I know I needed to train extra-hard (I…

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