Draw, Print, Repeat

Art Is Not For Sissies

Small, handmade books with flap encloure I made a bunch of little books using string tags for the covers. I experimented with color, and carved blocks to stamp the images onto the ink-dyed tags before sewing in the pages. Each book is 2.5 x 3.25 inches, or approximately 6 x 8 cm. Deciding what to print took a while as I wanted original designs based on my own drawings.

Robin drawings in pencil and ink Since I tend to like detail, I had to figure out a way to change the drawing so it could be translated to a simplified block. I used this drawing of a robin, here, on the left. Then, I tried black ink variations to break it down to the essential elements. After that, I doodled some bird shapes because I felt the previous images were too stiff. The image on the right, is the final design I used to make the block. I tried to add some whimsy.

Drawings of a bandit cat For the cat design, I started by sketching directly…

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