Max: KATHMANDU – The Fire Down Below…


Hi everyone,

As promised Max is back to « read » to you an excerpt from his latest book Kathmandu, A Max & Tammy Mystery. For all published books check out their author page on Amazon US or Amazon US.



-pt.2- (Click here for pt.1)

« The Fire Down Below… »

     My dream came to an end before it normally did. A loud noise brought me back to the park and now. There in front of me still kneeling on one knee was the Maintenance Man, who was reaching up towards the top of the deep freezer and Baby. He stood quickly as she hissed at him. He exclaimed loudly angrily and in an instant I was on my feet, er, paws—and leapt out to her aid. He almost touched her as she swatted at his hand. My scrambling made him turn his head so sharply he looked confused he took a…

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