Mellow Fruitfulness

rambling ratz

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness,
Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun;

~John KeatsPhoto of blackberries

There was certainly an abundance of mellow fruitfulness amongst the hedgerows on this warm but dank September day. Just look at the size of those juicy ripening blackberries!Photo of blackberries in hedge

The dog roses have turned to rosehips.Photo of rosehips

The hawthorn blossom to berries.Photo of hawthorn berries

The blackthorn blossom to sloes. Safely tucked away behind those brambles and rose thorns, so no sloe gin for me this year.Photo of rose hips and sloesThe blackberries and rosehips themselves are also pretty well defended.Photo of blackberries and rosehips

Gazing up into our favourite horse chestnut tree ….Photo of horse chestnut tree

…we see that the conkers are coming along nicely too.Photo of conkers

The bright yellow ragwort flowers have turned to seed.

The trees are still green and leafy, but for how much longer.

The farmer has planted his winter crop.

People walk their dogs through the fields, as the sun sets slowly over the horizon.Photo of field at sunset

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