Speckled Wood

rambling ratz

This rather threadbare speckled wood butterfly, Pararge aegeria, is making the most of the last of August’s sunshine.Photo of speckled wood butterfly

This is a fairly common butterfly. As the name suggests, it favours woodland, but is often found in parks and gardens.Photo of speckled wood butterfly

The speckled wood can overwinter as either a larva or pupa. This means that there are adult butterflies flying between March and October. The adults feed on aphid honeydew in trees, whereas the caterpillars feed on grasses.Photo of speckled wood butterflyThe Big Butterfly Count saw a 25% decrease in speckled woods between 2014 and 2015. Although the general trend for this species has been an increase, there is concern that woodland loss will have a detrimental effect. We await the results of the 2016 count.

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