Hedgehog Patrol

rambling ratz

I have been hog bothering again. This one was lurking in the woodpile, looking for crunchy beetles.Photo of hedgehog in wood pile

I spotted this one rummaging in the ivy for caterpillars.Photo of hedgehog in ivyIt finally broke cover.Photo of hedgehog

Please spread the word that people should be aware that hedgehogs may be nesting or snoozing in their gardens. Always check undergrowth before mowing, strimming or using any power tools as they could injure or kill hedgehogs. Please also consider donating to your local hog rescue, they are very busy at the moment saving and rehabilitating hogs that have gotten into trouble.

Here are some to check out, they have useful information and I hope you can donate towards their valuable work: Little Silver Hedgehog, Oggles Hedgehog Rescue, Willows Hedgehog Rescue.

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