Field Margins

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I posted about the oil seed field a little while ago. The crop has now ceased flowering and looks rather dull. However, the farmer has left the margins of the field as « set aside land ».Photo of field with poppies

This was encouraged by the EU back in the 1990s and farmers can claim for the loss of crop growing land through various schemes. The idea is to leave the margins of the field uncultivated and to grow wildflowers. The red poppies are easy to identify, but there are others, such as the fluffy seed heads, that I can’t identify.Photo of field with poppies

These schemes have been shown to encourage insects, including the all important pollinators, and the birds that feast upon them. Studies have shown that an increase in pollinating insects increases crop yields for insect pollinated crops. They also provide habitats for ground nesting birds and mammals.Photo of field with poppies

Apart from anything else, it looks so beautiful. I…

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